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Dear Families,

Just when we thought we had seen it all this year, we have one more unusual circumstance that has posed a challenge for our schools.  With the forecast of extremely high temperatures tomorrow (Monday, June 28), we wanted to update you with plans for the day.

Schools will remain open, however, we are encouraging families to keep their children home if you can.

Buses will NOT be running tomorrow due to lack of A/C on them.

We will be monitoring the temperatures throughout the day as well as the forecast for Tuesday to make any additional adjustments that may be necessary. Please stay tuned for more information later today or tomorrow.

Thank you for your understanding,

Scott Stinson

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Hello all families of Willway,

THANK YOU for your incredible efforts to return books, we are only missing about 27 items from students, in particular the primary classes, so please have one last check around the house for any library materials and make sure they get into your child’s backpack to return this week!

Charges for high value or high-circulation items will be emailed to parents next week to pay online.

Well done and thank you to Divisions 1 and 3 for being the first classes to return all their items.

I appreciate all of your efforts,

Kind regards,

Mrs Sketchley



Dear Willway families,

As we approach the end of term all library resources and materials must be returned to the library as soon as possible.

If your child still has any books or materials at home, please ensure they are brought to school. Reminder notices will be sent home this week for any books not returned and online charges will be produced for any unreturned or lost items the following week.

Thank you for a wonderful year of creative reading and writing and please be sure to grab a Summer Reading Club package or Take and Make craft bag from your nearest GVPL library this summer. For more details see www.gvpl.ca

Have a wonderful summer break and happy reading!

Mrs Sketchley

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