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Hello Willway Families,

We are currently in the planning process for our in-school instruction that begins the week of June 1st.  We wanted to outline a little of what this “new school” will look like for our students.

  • Attendance is voluntary
  • Students will attend for 2 full days per week (these days are yet to be determined)
  • Although physical distancing is a priority, students will also be required to engage in hand washing regularly throughout the day
  • Students are to pack-in/pack-out all food, garbage and supplies
  • Students will line up at set markers at the start and end of the day to ensure we maintain social distancing
  • As teachers return to in-class learning opportunities, the remote programming will look different as teachers find a balance between in-class and remote learning
  • All classrooms will be minimalist in set up with desks spread apart to support social distancing
  • Depending on student numbers, children may not be in their regular classroom or with their own teacher
  • Varied recess and lunch times may be introduced to support enough space for social distance play
  • Any child displaying cold/flu/respiratory symptoms will not be permitted to the school for ten days or until they are symptom free whichever is longer

Detailed plans and scheduling will be out to parents as soon as we are able.  

Next week – May 25-29

To accommodate the measures required prior to students safely returning to the building, remote learning will be limited to three days this week. Willway teachers have been working very hard and still have a significant amount of work to do to prepare their classrooms and programs for the return of any students. There will be one class meeting and limited office hours. Teachers will let you know when they are hosting their meeting.

School Supply pick up is next week. Our Cupe and Administration staff will be at the school longer days to support the students in the ESW childcare program.  If you are unable to come during the allotted times, please contact Ms. Laidlaw to arrange an alternate time between 7:30 and 8:00 am or between 4:00 and 5:00 pm. See the schedule below. 

Tuesday, May 26th

9-10:30 am – Parents of students with last name starting with A-K can pick up

1:00-2:30 pm – Parents of students with last name starting with L-Z can pick up

Wednesday, May 27th

9-10:30am- Parents of students with last name starting with L-Z can pick up

1:00-2:30pm – Parents of students with last name starting with A-K can pick up

Thursday, May 28th

9-10:30am -Parents of students with last names starting with A-K can pick up

1:00-2:30pm – Parents of students with last names starting with L-Z can pick up

We ask that only one person comes from each family to pick up supplies at our school . Please line up outside the gym doors on the basketball court. Arrive and walk down the left side of the building and exit around the right side of the building. 

If you have classroom books or library books at home there will be recycling bins outside along the outer gym wall to place them in by Division. There will be no entry to the school, as we will be adhering to safe social distancing protocols at all times.

When you get to the front of the line your child’s supplies will be retrieved and will be placed outside for you. We can only distribute supplies to adult family members at this time. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Enjoy your weekend!