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Principal Ms. Kendra Laidlaw klaidlaw@sd62.bc.ca
Vice Principal Ms. Jane Henson jhenson@sd62.bc.ca
Secretary Mrs. Anna Broughton abroughton@sd62.bc.ca
Teaching Staff    
Div. 1 Mrs. A. McIndoe amcindoe@sd62.bc.ca
Div. 2  Ms. S. Fish sfish@sd62.bc.ca
Div. 3  Mrs. R. Standley rstandley@sd62.bc.ca
Div. 4 Ms. S. Richardson srichardson@sd62.bc.ca
Div. 5  Ms. J. Henson (Morning) jhenson@sd62.bc.ca
Div. 5
Mrs. C. Tarr (Afternoon) ctarr@sd62.bc.ca
Div. 6
Mrs. G. Orchard (Mon. to Wed.) gorchard@sd62.bc.ca
Div. 6  Ms. S. Holmes (Thurs. & Fri.) sholmes@sd62.bc.ca
Div. 7
Mrs. S. Hovelkamp (Mon. to Thurs.) shovelkamp@sd62.bc.ca
Div. 7
Ms. T. Chester (Friday) tchester@sd62.bc.ca
Div. 8  Mrs. A. Battistoni abattistoni@sd62.bc.ca
Div. 9
Ms. K. Holmes kholmes@sd62.bc.ca
Librarian Mrs. J. Sketchley jsketchley@sd62.bc.ca
Music Teacher Mrs. J. Sketchley jsketchley@sd62.bc.ca
SPEDLA Teacher Ms. S. Sanford ssanford@sd62.bc.ca
SPEDLA Teacher Mr. C. Tarr ctarr@sd2.bc.ca
Reading Recovery Teacher Mr. C. Tarr ctarr@sd62.bc.ca
Education Assistants

Mrs. Y. Gelling

Mrs. H. Lewis

Mrs. K. Buchanan

Mrs. L. Simons

Mrs. K. Arndt

Ms. C. Franklin

Mr. N. Zethof

 Library Clerk Ms. D. Fruttarol
Counsellor Mrs. D. Tomaselli dtomaselli@sd62.bc.ca
Speech Pathologist
Mr. N. Giesbrecht ngiesbrecht@sd62.bc.ca
Early Childhood Educator Mrs. M. Paulson mpaulson@sd62.bc.ca
Aboriginal Support Ms. S. Thomas sthomas@sd62.bc.ca
Student Engagement Facilitator
Mrs. J. McFarland jmcfarland@sd62.bc.ca
Strong Start Facilitator Mrs. N. Pan kpanduwawala@sd62.bc.ca