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Please ensure that you are not parking or dropping off in the Willway handicap parking places as we have both students and parents needing to use this space. They are located closest to the Gaga ball court end of the lot. It is extremely challenging to maneuver in the snow and ice in a walker or wheelchair. Thank you in advance for keeping the spaces free for those with passes.





In the past all Kindergarten registration has taken place at the same time in SD 62 but this created challenges for parents and caregivers whose children did not get a spot in one of the specialized programs due to limited space and high demand.

Moving the registration dates for Nature Kindergarten and French Immersion to the earlier dates will allow those families ample time to participate in General Kindergarten Registration.

More details are available on our website http://sd62.bc.ca



With the possibility of snow over the coming days, please take a look at our weather procedures. Schools remain open if at all possible, including during snowfalls. It is always up to you to decide whether or not to send your child to school during inclement weather.

Weather-Related Closures & Cancellations

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Happy New Year
Holiday wishes
Week Ahead December 16

We are needing some more gently used items for Christmas Shoppe – it is happening Monday! Please send in items with students tomorrow or Monday morning! Thank you!


We will be doing the Christmas Shoppe again this year!!  The Christmas Shoppe is a two day event in December when students can come and buy Christmas gifts for the grown ups in their lives. The peer helpers and other student volunteers will be running the shop this year. We are looking for donations of:

  • Tissue paper
  • Gift Bags (we will not be using wrapping paper this year)
  • New, or gently used, regiftable items that a grown up would be happy to receive on Christmas morning. Please do not send anything broken or incomplete.
  • NO TOYS please

This is a very popular event and the children are always very excited and thoughtful of the gifts they select for their loved ones. It is only possible by donations so look in the back of those closets for some forgotten goodies. Thank you!!

Thank you for your support!

Week Ahead December 9
Winter Concert Bake Sale