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September, school is starting up again, the sun is a little lower in the sky and the leaves are starting to turn their colours for fall. It has always signified, for me, a new beginning. New school supplies, new clothes, new friends and new teachers. As we move into this school year, I am feeling excited to be part of the community at Willway Elementary school. It is my goal to make sure all students, parents and staff feel welcomed, respected, and safe when they are at our school. I am looking to the students, parents and staff to help me achieve this goal. We are a school that believes in supporting students to do their best, and that it is okay to make mistakes because that is how we learn and grow. We believe that important to take risks and that it is okay not to know something, but not okay to not try.

We are fortunate at Willway to have amazing grounds to play on, access to nature trails and hikes just a few minutes away and we are able to take our learning out and about into the community. School probably looks a little different from when most of us went to school,  so if you have any questions about things we do or why we do them please feel free to ask.

I look forward to this new year and can’t wait to see the amazing things the students learn, experience and engage in. Welcome to Willway!

Kendra Laidlaw