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Hello families and friends of Willway,

The music program here focusses on 4 main areas: Listening, Reading, Writing and Playing.

Over the course of their time at our school, your child/ren will learn how to:

-Read, write and create melodies and rhythms

-Learn the correct posture and warm up techniques to protect their voices and develop their vocal abilities

-Experience a variety of instruments based on their grade level

-Listen to different genres of music and see how different influences and types of sounds have progressed over the ages

-Learn through play via class games

I will try my best to keep you updated via freshgrade on the student’s progress as and when I can but in the meantime, if you are hankering for some extra music education in the form of songs, interactive rhythm and melody activities, recorder, ukulele, bucket drums and guitar resources – look no further than https://www.musicplayonline.com

Student access code is: w471953

I look forward to another year of learning with these incredible children!

Mrs Sketchley