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We are forecasted to have rain, rain and more rain. All students will be outside at recess and lunch so please send appropriate rain wear (boots, jackets, umbrellas) and a change of clothes including socks! 🌧☂💧👢

Week Ahead September 21

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We survived the first week! Even with Covid-19 safety protocols and smoky skies school is up and running. The new routines are going to take awhile to learn and things may change but we are back! It is so wonderful to hear the students in their classrooms and see their smiling faces. 


Please do not linger at the school before dropping off in the morning and picking up after school. The district has asked that parents do a quick “kiss and drop” and then “kiss and leave” in the afternoon. It is important to reduce the number of adults on the school property at any given time and allows for a smooth flow of traffic in and out of the parking spots as parents drop off and pick up their children.

Also please DO NOT park in the handicap spots in our parking lot. We will have to strictly enforce this as we have students in wheelchairs/walkers that need those spaces in the morning and afterschool.

If you need to pick up your child for an appointment please email the teacher and Mrs. Broughton either the day before or the morning of and they will get your child ready for pick up at the rainbow door which is the left side front door of the school (when facing it). 

If arriving late please come at a natural break (recess or lunch if possible) and have your child line up at their coloured flag located in one of the five zones outside. Recess is 10:25-10:40 and Lunch is 12:03-12:50. 

Remember to complete the online consent forms and do the daily health check for your child.

An updated daily health check is attached. 

As we get into wetter weather students will need dry inside shoes to wear after being outside. These can come and stay at school alongside a change of clothes. 

Thank you for your help in keeping our Willway community safe! Have a great weekend.


Ms. Laidlaw and Ms. Henson


Be calm. Be safe. Be kind. -Dr. Bonnie Henry

Appendix N – Daily Health Check – Parents-Guardians Sept. 16, 2020_0


Consent Letter to Parents 2020-2021
Week Ahead September 14

Please complete the online consent forms for your child(s) 2020-2021 school year.  They are important for your child’s education.

We have provided a link to help make this easier. https://consent.sd62.bc.ca/apps/OnlineConsent

Thank you

Willway Elementary School


Thank you for making an important choice for your child’s learning – we know it was not easy. We want to provide you with a bit of information and timeline about Remote Learning in SD62.

As Remote Learning is a new way of learning in our school and district, we are still assessing how many families will be taking advantage of this option. We do know that Remote Learning for your child(ren) will not begin at the same time as it will for students attending in-class. The district is busy hiring teachers to fill the Remote Learning positions. From there, the teacher will connect with families and plan for instruction. All of this will take some time.

Schedule and Subjects

Schedules and content will look different for students in Remote Learning. Teachers will focus largely on Language Arts and Math. Depending on the number of students assigned to a teacher and the depth of content, the teacher may be able to expand into other subjects and areas of instruction at a later date. While there will be some direct instruction from the Remote Learning teacher, it is important for parents/guardians to understand that they will need to provide support for their child(ren) outside of direct instruction time.

At this point, Remote Learning for families is set to begin on September 21 at the earliest.

You may be thinking that your child should start school now and that if they begin later, they will fall behind. Not to worry, teachers will catch them up nicely. Your child(ren) will not fall behind in their learning.

Please enjoy a few more days of summer break and continue to watch for important communication from us involving Remote Learning for your child.

Transitioning Back to the Classroom

 Once you feel your child is ready to go back into the classroom, you are welcome to contact your child’s principal. Children can join their class in school at the following times:

  • Anytime in September
  • Thursday, November 12 (after Remembrance Day)
  • Monday, January 4 (after Winter Break)
  • Monday, March 29 (after Spring Break)

If you did not select the Remote Learning option for your child, please contact us as soon as possible.


From School District 62 (Sooke) IT Department:

Our email administrator has reviewed the process logs coming out of MyEd and we can confirm there is no delay in emails leaving the application. This issue is external to MyEd.

On the third party side, it appears one or more servers handling Hotmail and/or Outlook traffic has different processing rules applied.

We have logged a ticket with Microsoft identifying this issue. We also encourage end-users to log their own tickets, allowing Microsoft to identify patterns of behaviour.


It has come to our attention that those parents using a Hotmail address did not receive the messaging that went out yesterday from their classroom teachers. We apologize for this unforeseen hiccup and appreciate your flexibility and patience while we work through this. If you are unsure of when your child’s orientation time is please email Mrs. Broughton (our school secretary) at abroughton@sd62.bc.ca and she will confirm your child’s placement and orientation date and time.

If your child is in Kindergarten both classes are cohorted together and teachers have not yet been assigned to students which is why you have not heard from them. The Kindergarten team is looking forward to meeting our youngest learners on Monday, September 14th.


Dear Willway Families,

Over the past few weeks Willway staff have been hard at work preparing for the opening of our school. Extensive health and safety measures have  been developed and implemented.  For further information on these measures please view the school district’s website Health and Safety section.   You may find this section helpful as well:  FAQ on the district website

Please note that the parent/caregiver is responsible for assessing their child daily before sending them to school. They must assess for symptoms of a common cold, influenza, COVID-19 or other infectious respiratory disease. If their child feels sick or is sick, they must stay home until they are symptom free. The teacher and school will work with the family to make sure learning continues at home.  Please see the daily health check attached to this email.  It is also posted on our website under the parents tab in Covid 19 information.

Parents can expect to receive information about bus routes by September 10. If you have any questions, you can contact our bussing department at bussing@sd62.bc.ca

Unfortunately, we are not able to welcome parents into our school building due to the pandemic.  If you need to connect with us, please send an email.  Please note that willway@sd62.bc.ca is used for attendance only and is only checked in the morning.  Please contact your child’s teacher or us klaidlaw@sd62.bc.ca, jhenson@sd62.bc.ca or our school secretary, Mrs. Broughton abroughton@sd62.bc.ca

Be sure to check our school website regularly for updates and download the mywillway app https://willway.appazur.com/  so you are up to date with everything.

We are fortunate to have such an amazing staff who will provide positive learning opportunities for our students during these unique times. The health and safety at our school is of utmost importance and will continue to be throughout the year. 

Your child’s teacher will connect with you by the end of the day on Tuesday as to the date, time and location of where your child will meet for their orientation visit on either the 10th or 11th. Please note that if you have multiple children attending Willway their visits will likely be at different times.


Ms. Laidlaw and Ms. Henson


Appendix N – Daily Health Check – Parents-Guardians Sept. 16, 2020_0
Return to School Health and Safety Guidelines for Students and Families Sept. 2 2020 Final

Hello Willway Families,

We hope you have been having a great summer despite the challenges we are facing during this pandemic and that you have taken some time to relax and enjoy one another. We are looking forward to welcoming our students back to school soon!  For many, it has been quite some time since we have seen each other face to face. 

Many of you were likely able to view or listen to the Education Minister’s announcement today about schools providing remote learning options.  It was indicated that this is an area that will be explored.  We will provide information to you as it is available. Our district is looking to hear from you and your suggestions for the back to school plan.  Please take the time to answer the short survey that was sent out this afternoon.   We encourage you to engage with this process as it will inform our decisions going forward.  Take the survey here

Fortunately, we are a small elementary school with a large schoolyard. This means we can welcome students to start their school day safely without staggering start and end times.  Additionally, our large school yard allows for five different play zones.  Students in each cohort will rotate through these zones throughout the week for lunch and recess times. This will ensure that while at school students will not mix among learning cohorts.  We ask that when you drop off and pick up your child you do so in a manner that is efficient and maintains physical distancing from others.

 n June, we were able to take measures that will help us with our start-up this September. “Welcome stars” are marked around the schools to indicate classroom lineups and our hallways are clearly labelled with directional arrows to ensure physical distancing. 

To read more about the plan for all BC schools, please see https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/education-training/k-12/covid-19-return-to-school

Please note that we have already created our classes.  The class placement process takes into account a wide variety of factors.  We have combined these carefully thought-out classes and have formed the learning cohorts at our school. We understand that this is an imperfect process, but much thought and consideration goes into these placements to ensure balanced classrooms.  Your child’s teacher will contact you on September 8th.

We are NOT able to accommodate any requests for a child to be in the same cohort or classroom of a particular peer or staff member.

Please note that as per the district’s health and safety guidelines, parents are not permitted inside the school building.  Connections between families and staff will take place through email, phone calls and online meetings etc.

On September 8th, teaching and support staff will return to our school.  At this time, the school based health and safety team will conduct training on safety practices.  Any changes to classroom design  etc. to ensure safety will happen on the 8th and 9th.  On the 10th and 11th, we will welcome students to the building for safety orientation.  These orientation sessions will be one hour and fifteen minutes. When your child’s classroom teacher contacts you, they will indicate when your child is to attend the safety orientation.  These time slots are arranged based on learning cohorts and unfortunately are not flexible. 

Students will arrive in learning cohorts and head directly to their class lineups. During this time, they will meet their classroom teacher and review health and safety protocols that will be in place for the 2020/2021 school year.  

Kindergarten students will begin their gradual entry on Monday, September 14th.  Further information for kindergarten students will come out in a separate email.

The pandemic presents us with significant challenges and uncertainty.  We believe that together, with kindness and collaboration, we will navigate these challenges together in the best interest of our children.  We look forward to a meaningful year of learning and growth and are eager to start the school year together.

Kind regards,


Ms. Laidlaw and Ms. Henson